This is embarrasing, but I need your help.

I work for a major market research company in the city of Van Nuys, Ca, a suburb of Los Angeles. Right now it is the only source of income. 

We recently had a downturn at work and I was off two weeks.  I did have a continuing partial unemployment claim, but the kabosh was put on that last week when the GOP-controlled Congress voted to halt unemployment funds.

I am now back to work, but it will take 2 weeks before I see a paycheck.  Two weeks at zero is a lot.  Especially when you are between apartments.  WIthout going into detail, I lost my apartment sometime ago.  Rents had become oppressingly exepensive and I've had to be very creative about living arrangements.  For many who  know me from Twitter, MySpace, facebook, and other networks, this is something that I am just telling because....maybe for ego and maybe because I know the problems with automatic thinking....I feared you may think of me in a way less positive if you knew all I went through, and if I did mention.....well, I  know all the names...they are not pretty, and they are not me.

So, yes, I am asking for help.  I am not asking for much, but even a little would help. $5, $10, $25 would mean a lot, even if it doesn not hit the goal it will help.

I have a widget on the right-hand side of the page.  It connects to my PayPal.  All you have to do is go there and and take care of that.  I would be extremely thankful.

If you have questions, I welcome them.  E-mail me at  I will do the best I can to answer any quiries you have.

And again, thank you.