Our video cavalcade this day focuses on Sharron Angle, the Nevada Teabaggers Very White Knight who is poised to save this country from the eeeeee-vil of Harry Reid.

Of course Harry may be dangerous when he is awake, but that's another story.

I'll be upfront about this...the woman is dangerous, but what is even more dangerous is that a great deal of the people in Nevada are willing to vote for this rag doll.

Of course Hitler was wildly popular in 1932 Germany.  And if it were not for the GERMAN PEOPLE, Hitler may have never gotten to power.

Anyway, Here's Sharron on the unemployed....she wants you to starve.

Ah the great misconception that you can get more cash on unemployment than you can at a job.  Doesn't that speak volumes about how little employers care?

Here's our Lying Sack of Crap on Social Security:

And don't press her on issues....or you might get a bad reception...

The guy at KLAS who tried to interview this slime should get a raise.

And as for Auntie Sharron, if she is elected to replace Reid, we know who to blame. Exactly who to blame.