It just never ends, doesn't it?

I have been a fan of Dr. Susan Block for, I guess, 15 years (and I am probably low-balling it). She has been one of the people responsible for (some say blame) for my sexual evolvement.  She is sexy, haughty, regal, profane, outrageous....and a pretty hood egg.

Currently she is having a bit of a problem with the folks at Facebook.  It is the same problem wherever she and those like her go: you follow the restrictive TOS, but even then, because some biddy in Terre Haute thinks that you are the embodiment of Satanism because you talk about sex in an honest manner, you should be banned.

Pay no attention to the person on FB who post about how much he wants to kill the President.

No sex on YouTube, but pay no attention to the very graphic videos of people killing themselves or uncensored gang videos.

It goes on and on and on.

Below, is an episode of the Dr. Susan Block Show from late 2009.  Herein, DocBlock...when she is not offering homespun advice about vibrators and orgasms.....unleashes holy hell on AOL for, pretty much, the same crap that Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, Tagged, etc. pull.  Restrictive terms of service that insures that their sites are safe for the same 8-year olds clandestinely downloading Sunny Lane videos onto their PS3s.

As you can see......nothing changes.